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Why do you need a Roswellchimney sweep? Your chimney could be a time bomb waiting to go off. Creosote is the culprit, and it is mean and nasty. Creosote (also known as “soot”), coats your chimney during fires. Chimney fires happen with no notice, going off like a rocket engine turned upside down.

Who Can You Trust? I know you are trying to find a Roswellchimney sweep you can trust. Many companies use the initial chimney cleaning appointment just as an excuse to get their foot in the door. They then “find” many “very dangerous” problems with your chimney. Chimney Sweep Pro does not do business like that. How can you be sure? It’s simple. We don’t do major repairs.

If we find problems with your chimney, we can refer you to someone who does that type of work. Or you can find them yourself. Since we don’t do the repairs ourselves, you will get an honest assessment about any major chimney problems. You won’t get scare tactics to separate you from your hard earned cash.

If you have been told you need major repairs, call us for a second opinion.

Now just because we don’t do major repairs, doesn’t mean we don’t do some basic services. We install chimney caps on brick, masonry, and Pre-fab (or insert style) chimneys. We can replace the top of a prefab chimney if it becomes rusty or leaks. We can also repair or replace some types of dampers. We also do minor repairs to the inside of your fireplace (it’s called the firebox, what you call your fireplace….the actual area where the fire is). Sometimes the mortar gets cracked and needs to be touched up….we can do that and other minor repairs.

What if it turns out you really do need some major repair? We can also be a good source for recommending a company you can trust. Or, you can close your eyes and point your finger in the Yellow Pages! That would just be foolish, so let us help.

On some Roswellhomes you will see chimneys actually leaning, sometimes at impossible angles. Those bricks can’t stay in a leaning position forever. Eventually they will fall and crash into your attic, breaking right through the roof. If yours is already leaning too much, then you will require mortar repairs or possibly partial rebuilding before installing a chimney cover.

Chimney Cleaning in Roswell

There are many choices of who sweeps your chimney Roswell. You want a chimney service company that has been around for a while. How about since 1977, when chimney sweep services really began in Roswell. Yes, there was one chimney sweeping company that charged about $1000 in today’s dollars. Hooray for competition.

When you choose chimney sweeps, you have to look at how they do business. If you see fleets of trucks, do you wonder how they pay all those guys and all the expenses that go with that? The guys work on commission. They have to sell large repair jobs to stay in business.

Chimney Sweep Pro Answers

Q: How Long Does It Take

Generally about an hour. Some are less and some are quite a bit more. But most times you can figure an hour.

Q: Is it any trouble for me? Do I have to move all the furniture?

Absolutely not. We take care of everything. If something has to be moved, we will do it, then put it back how we found it.

There are literally thousands of chimney fires yearly in America. Don’t be a victim. Make us your Roswellchimney sweep, and we promise to take care of you like we would our own family. You wouldn’t keep using your gas stove if it leaked and the room was full of gas every time you lit it, would you? (I hope not!). So why keep using a dirty, dangerous fireplace when it has the potential to burn your house to the ground.

Blocked Chimney

You need to know if your chimney is blocked or impeded in any way. Squirrel nests can block a chimney. Fallen bricks or mortar can block the chimney or keep the damper from opening fully. Even certain types of spider webs can block a chimney.

If you have any suspicion that your chimney is blocked, call us immediately to have a full chimney inspection. Chimney inspections are also recommended if you are new to a home, or if it hasn’t been used for a while. Many times we inspect a chimney and the people say “We don’t know if the chimney is dirty from the people before us.”. Then I ask them if they have used it themselves and some will say “Oh yeah, we’ve burned several truckloads of wood!”. They are worried about the previous use, when they themselves have burned more than enough to create a hazard.

Roswell GA, Chimney Service is the first thing you should do after the burning season. It will keep the toxic emissions from the creosote from coming into the house all Summer.

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