If you have a metal or pre-fab chimney, you need a “pan” on the top to keep damaging water out of the chimney and house. Pans will rust through over time, and need to be replaced to prevent water damage inside your home.

Rain Pan for metal chimney


We can put a new pan on.

To dress  your chimney, or to hide the termination cap, you need a shroud.

Shrouds can be plain, or amazingly decorative. The two basics are “Standard” and “Radius, or curved”. The Radius shroud is a little more expensive.

rain pan shroud decorative

Radius rain pan shroud

step out shroud pots

This is called a “Step Out” shroud. It has the fake terra cotta pipes on top. Those can be added to any shroud.

Custom shrouds can be made in any style  you like.  Below are a couple of advanced designs.

shroud with ridges

curved copper chimney shroud

Bell Shaped Shroud

Copper Shroud Fancy