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Gas Fireplaces Installed

Gas FireplaceGas Fireplace

If you are looking for the best company to install your gas fireplace, call us. Why? We don’t sell or install them, but we know the best, most honest companies that do. Call us at 770-285-0551.

The gas fireplace is the elegant easy version of having almost the same ambiance as a  burning fire without the trouble. If you want to get fancy though, the modern gas fireplace can create MORE ambiance than a regular wood fireplace. It depends on what you are after.

Gas fireplaces come in many hip, cool, and amazing versions these days.
You can have the traditional fake logs.  Or instead of logs, you can have all  types of stone, and even brightly colored marbles or glass beads where the flame comes right up through them.

They Are Safer Overall
Because you don’t need to be as concerned about smoke or exhaust coming into the house, gas fireplace designs can have many different and even wild variations. They are put into many very modern design homes and even businesses.

Another good feature is that if you have a very old chimney that is not really safe enough to burn wood in.  As long as the chimney has no leaks coming into the living space, gas logs will work.
This is because they don’t create any creosote and have no hazard of starting a chimney fire. If you were to have a chimney fire in a very old chimney, the chimney might very well fail.  That could lead to a very bad situation with the fire spreading from the chimney into the house.

This is where you need advice from an Chimney Sweep before you proceed.

But keep in mind, the chimney must at least be in good enough shape to keep the exhaust gases from coming into the living space. Otherwise you could fill the house with carbon monoxide.

Supreme Convenience

Gas fireplaces are also really great to have in your master bedroom.  There are models available that have a remote control.  So you can actually lay in bed and turn the fireplace on and off just like your television. Just imagine a snuggly evening in bed where you can just push a button before you drift off to sleep. Compare that to having to wait for the fire to die down, or even having to douse it before you feel safe enough to sleep.

The most obvious benefit of a gas fireplace is you never have to pay for or haul wood around. Wood stacks must be kept away from the house because that bugs that live in them can get into your siding. You must either buy wood, or chop it yourself. All that is eliminated.

There are some drawbacks to having a gas fireplace.
For one thing, there is no snap, crackle, and pop of a real fire.  The gas coming into the fireplace makes a steady hissing type sound.  It’s not the same ambiance as a  wood burning fireplace but it can be soothing in its own way.

Another thing to remember is the cost of the gas you are burning.  Although natural gas is becoming cheaper and cheaper, it’s still costs more than if you have free wood from a tree that fell in your backyard.

And of course if you are using propane it could be really expensive, but I don’t have to tell you that.

If you need ideas or help on what type of gas fireplace to install, Chimney Sweep Pro is here for you.

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