Computer Museum of America Roswell GA
Computer Museum of America

The Computer Museum of America (CMoA), nestled in Roswell GA, a suburb of Atlanta, serves as a beacon for preserving the rich tapestry of computing history and educating visitors about the evolution and impact of technology. With the rapid advancement and disposal of technology, CMoA stands as a critical institution in salvaging and commemorating the relics of the digital age that are often lost to time.

CMoA’s mission is rooted in the preservation of the digital era’s stories and artifacts, aiming to inspire visitors from diverse backgrounds through education on the digital age’s past and potential future. Its vision extends to imparting the valuable lessons of computing history to a broad audience, thus empowering a variety of individuals from students to professionals.

The museum’s history began with the passion of a computer and technology enthusiast, which over 40 years has led to the amassing of one of the world’s most extensive collections of computing artifacts. This collection is not only a tribute to technological innovation but also serves as a historical ledger of the innovation process and market experiments.

To test concepts and gather visitor feedback before establishing a permanent location, CMoA created “pop-up exhibits” in a vintage building in Roswell, Georgia. These included the Apple Pop-Up, showcasing Apple’s journey, and LINK – The History of the PC, documenting the rise of personal computers.

The CMoA collection is vast, encompassing hardware like supercomputers and personal computers, a formidable array of software, a wide array of documents, and even commercial and cultural items related to technology. These items range from the very first PCs to the documentation that accompanied their creation and marketing.

Looking ahead, CMoA aspires to contribute further through education and community engagement, envisioning an environment where the next generation can draw inspiration from the past to innovate for the future. The museum poses contemplative questions on how the visualization and accessibility of computing history can inspire and educate, with the goal of empowering more individuals to innovate and create.

This institution not only showcases the physical artifacts of the computing world but also imbues visitors with an appreciation for the profound impact that technology has had—and will continue to have—on society. The CMoA is a testament to the belief that in preserving our past, we can inspire our future.

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