If you are deciding whether to put chimney caps on your house or not, price may be a big issue to you. We have many solutions to your problem, depending on your budget.

The cost is usually determined by the size of the area to be covered. If you only need to cover the flue pipe of your chimney, then you can use the simplest and smallest type of chimney cap.

Custom Made Small Chimney Caps

The next step up the ladder are pre made chimney caps that are able to cover more than one flue, or if you want to to cover more of the area on the top of your chimney to protect it from weather. These are a very good intermediate step between a full size custom made chimney cap, and the small pre made single flue chimney cap. This choice is probably about half the price of a full cover custom chimney cap, which is not bad considering it can give almost as much protection to your chimney.

Single Flue Chimney Caps

Single flue chimney caps are pre made and they are made to fit most standard sizes of chimney openings. They’re made in sizes that will fit a flu anywhere from 8” x 8” up to 17” x 17”. They are fairly simple to install and are your cheapest alternative if you want to keep out rain and animals from your chimney. They can be bought in special metals but people don’t usually do this as they are not generally as concerned about looks in this price range. However they can be bought in stainless steel. if you use the chimney a great deal the stainless will resist corrosion from the creosote better than other types of metal.Chimney Caps


Last on this list are chimney screens. You can get just plain screen put over your flue also. This can be done by cutting the screen to the correct shape and putting it over the flue. Or, there are premade screen boxes that look similar to a single flue chimney cap, but are only mesh. The screen will keep out leaves and animals but will not prevent rain, snow, and sun from chipping away at your chimney’s integrity.

One very important note here about screens over your chimney. Don’t ever use window screen on your chimney! The small holes in window screen will clog up immediately with smoke particles and block the exhaust of the chimney. You will have a house full of smoke and be wondering why.
Use only hardware cloth for this purpose. Hardware cloth is the kind of screen you see at the bottom of some old screen doors. Instead of the tiny holes of Windows screen it will have large holes 1 quarter of an inch to 1 half of an inch. This type of screen won’t clog up with smoke nor will leaves stay on top of it as long as its level with the rest of the chimney and not down in a depression. Also make sure the screen is tacked down with some type of adhesive because otherwise animals can lift it right up and go under it. Silicone caulk is good for this.

Don’t wait for an unwanted visitor in your home.

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