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Chimney tops are a critical part of your chimney’s safety and lifespan. A brick chimney with a cap over it can last longer than the house. But an exposed chimney can fall apart years before the rest of the home. You need Chimney toppers, and we have them. And don’t worry, our price includes your chimney caps installation.

There are many types of chimney caps.chimney caps atlanta

Brick or other Masonry types like stone. A cap for this type of chimney can be custom made, or pre made, depending on how much you want to spend. It also depends on the look you are after.

If the chimney is in the back of the house where it is not visible, you don’t need to get fancy. But if your chimney is in front, you can really add to the look and finish of your home with a custom fit cap.

Chimney Caps  Exposed Chimney
This chimney will start falling apart soon!

chimney covers atlantaYou see, when a chimney is not protected on top, water, freezing, sun, and weather in general will create cracks in the top.  Over time, the cracks fill with rain and dew. That alone will gradually weaken the mortar holding the bricks together. But when that water freezes, it expands and pushes the mortar joints apart. Next thing  you know bricks are falling off the top of your chimney.

Thinks about this…..water made the Grand Canyon!  Don’t doubt what it can do to your little chimney.


Custom Chimney Caps

If you have the means, then you will definitely want to have a custom made cap for your home.  Every chimney is a different size, so it is basically a must if you want something that looks great.

Custom caps come in a variety of metals: Steel chimney caps are are painted (usually black) to protect the metal from corrosion.  Copper chimney caps are pure class and will always be high style.  Stainless steel chimney caps are seriously durable, and can be painted or left natural, depending on the look you are after. Decorative chimney caps can be made from any of the metals and made into almost any shape you can think of. Chimney covers can also be built right into the chimney from brick and concrete.

For example, here is a French curve Cap.

And Here is a more standard black custom chimney cap.

Chimney Cap

Chimney Caps  Double Cap
If you have 2 or more flues (pipes) this type cap can work

This is an example of a cap covering a chimney with two flues. The flue is the pipe sticking out the top. It is the pipe the smoke travels through to the top of the chimney. (People often confuse the terms Damper and Flue. The Damper is the door above the fireplace that you open and close)

Chimney Caps  Single Cap

Now this picture above  is a single flue chimney cap.

It is important to use these only on single flue chimney’s, because if you cover only one flue out of two, it can send the smoke back down the second flue.

If you don’t understand this yet, take my word for it for now. If you have multiple flues, then you should have one cap to cover the whole thing.

Chimney Caps  bare chimney
This is a “Pre-Fab” chimney.

If your chimney looks like the one on theabove, it is a “Pre-Fab” chimney. It means the part of the chimney where the fire actually happens, the firebox and flue pipe, are pre-made then installed at the house, just like you would install air conditioning ducts.  The wooden frame around it really has no purpose except to hide the fact that your chimney is just a pipe sticking up. It would be really ugly without the frame around it. This frame is called the “chase” and can be made of any siding material, from wood to brick.

Chimney Caps  Rusty Pan
Some “Pans” look like this after a few years.

After some time, a lot of Pre-Fab chimneys can start to rust on top. The rust is ugly and can run down the side of the chimney and stain it.

The real problem though, comes when the metal rusts all the way through. Then water will run down the inside of your chase (or frame around the chimney). It can create mold, or outright destroy walls and flooring as the water wets the inside walls and pools at the bottom.

Here’s a tip: If it’s raining and you hear a little pinging sound, like thumping your fingernail against the metal front of your fireplace, that’s water dripping down and hitting the firebox.

Don’t get me wrong, you may not hear anything. It could be running silently down the pipe.

Rain Pans and Shrouds.

Your chimney might need a pan. We can do those too.  But even if you don’t need a new pan, you may want to spruce up the top of your pre-fab with a “Shroud”. Here is a chimney with a shroud. It creates a much nicer, more finished look.

Chimney Caps  shroud

We can provide or build and install virtually any type of chimney cover.  Let us give you an estimate today.

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