Chimney Sweeping Prevents Fires

No one likes a mess. But when it comes to chimneys, leaving them uncleaned can be disastrous! Fire hazards are no joke and chimney sweeping is an important and necessary part of keeping your home safe from the threat of fire. In fact, chimney sweeping is so essential that it’s practically an act of superhero […]

Chimney Clean Atlanta

    If you want your chimney clean in Atlanta ga, there are many ways to go. Close your eyes and pick from the yellow pages Do research for days or weeks Pick the cheapest/or most expensive MOST all of those will get your chimney clean Atlanta, but you may end up getting hosed for […]

Why Clean a Chimney In The Spring?

Why would I do a chimney cleaning in Atlanta during the Spring, when all thoughts of old man Winter are behind, and we are busy frolicking in fields of daisies and wildflowers? Well, OK, maybe we’re just going to work like usual, but you get the idea. There are two main reasons to get a […]