Barrington Hall Roswell

Barrington Hall is a testament to the rich history of Roswell, Georgia, encapsulating the essence of the town’s origins and architectural grace. Built in 1842 by Barrington King, one of Roswell’s founding fathers, Barrington Hall stands as a prime example of Greek Revival-style plantation homes of the period. Barrington King, alongside his father Roswell King, established the colony that eventually became the city of Roswell. The mansion, designed by Willis Ball, is recognized as one of the finest representations of Greek Revival architecture in the United States.

The Hall was strategically built on Roswell’s highest point, overseeing the town, symbolizing the prominence and vision of its owner. For over 160 years, the Hall remained in the possession of the King family, making it not just a historical landmark but also a familial heritage site until it was sold in 1995. The City of Roswell purchased the property in 2005, transforming it into Roswell’s third historic house museum, thus preserving its historical integrity and opening its legacy to the public.

Today, Barrington Hall serves multiple purposes. As a historic house museum, it offers visitors a glimpse into the past, showcasing the King family’s furnishings, artifacts, and stories that span generations. The surrounding seven acres of land have been meticulously maintained to reflect the landscape as it was over a century and a half ago, allowing visitors to step back in time and experience the grandeur of the antebellum South.

Barrington Hall’s uses extend beyond a mere window to the past. It is a venue for community engagement and education, hosting various events and programs that celebrate Roswell’s heritage and the architectural significance of the Greek Revival style. It also serves as a resource for scholars and enthusiasts of history and architecture, providing a well-preserved example of a plantation home from the era.

The Hall’s role in the community underscores the importance of preserving such historic sites. Not only do they provide a tangible connection to the past, but they also serve as pillars of education and culture for current and future generations. Through its transformation from a private residence to a public museum, Barrington Hall continues to enrich the cultural landscape of Roswell and stands as a beacon of historical preservation.

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