Area 51 - Aurora Cineplex

The Area 51 – Aurora Cineplex in Roswell, Georgia, is a unique entertainment destination that combines the allure of cinematic experiences with the charm of miniature golf. The complex’s name “Area 51” creatively plays on the infamous Area 51 in Nevada and the extraterrestrial connotations associated with another Roswell in New Mexico. This name choice reflects the founders’ affection for pop culture and kitschy nostalgia, as well as a connection to their location at 5100 Commerce Parkway.

Established in 2010, the Aurora Cineplex is a testament to the founders’ shared passions, which include a love for high technology, video games, 60’s science fiction movies, and the showmanship of figures like Walt Disney and P.T. Barnum. The founders are described as self-avowed pop culture fanatics, which is evident in the thematic and entertainment choices available at the complex.

The Aurora Cineplex offers a 10-screen movie theater equipped with Sony 4K digital projectors, providing moviegoers with a state-of-the-art cinematic experience. Open all week, including holidays, the cineplex showcases a variety of films and hosts special events throughout the year.

Adjacent to the movie theater is The Fringe Miniature Golf, featuring two 18-hole courses, each with its own distinct theme. One course, the Chattahoochee Gulch, pays homage to local Roswell and North Georgia landmarks, while the other, Doubloon Lagoon, offers a swashbuckling pirate theme. The golf courses host various themed events such as Spooktacular, Dress Like a Pirate Day, Alien Day, Easter, and more, providing a festive atmosphere throughout the year.

In addition to these attractions, the Aurora Cineplex also boasts a bakery, where visitors can enjoy homemade desserts like cookies, brownies, and seasonal treats crafted by Chef Barb. These delicious offerings further enhance the experience of visiting the cineplex.

The complex is a vibrant part of the community, not just for entertainment but also as a contributor to local initiatives. The Aurora Cineplex and The Fringe Miniature Golf are known for donating to local schools, sponsoring city events, and providing free popcorn at outdoor movie events, demonstrating their commitment to the Roswell community.

Throughout the year, the Aurora Cineplex hosts various themed events and ensures that visitors have a memorable experience, whether they are celebrating a birthday or just enjoying a special event. The staff’s dedication to creating a fun and engaging environment is evident, with costumed employees and decorated facilities during festivities.

The Area 51 – Aurora Cineplex in Roswell, GA, with its blend of modern cinema technology and themed miniature golf, coupled with a strong community presence, stands as a unique entertainment hub that pays homage to cultural icons and serves as a beacon of family fun and nostalgia.

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