Archibald Smith Plantation Home

The Archibald Smith Plantation Home stands as a historical edifice in Roswell, Georgia, encapsulating the legacy and life of one of the town’s founding families. Built in 1845 by Archibald Smith, the plantation home has been the residence of three generations of the Smith family.

The home, which has been meticulously restored by Arthur and Mary Smith, the third generation, in 1940, provides a vivid glimpse into the antebellum South. It includes various outbuildings that were part of the plantation, such as a guest house, slave quarters, cookhouse, carriage house, barn, spring house, and water well. These structures offer insight into the daily workings and complexities of a plantation from that era.

In 1986, the property was sold to the City of Roswell and was subsequently opened to the public as a house museum in 1991. This transition marked the home’s shift from a private residence to a public historical site, where visitors can now immerse themselves in the history of Roswell and the Smith family. The plantation was also recognized for its historical significance with its addition to the National Register of Historic Places in 2006.

Today, the Archibald Smith Plantation Home serves as a cultural and educational resource, offering a tangible connection to Roswell’s past for both residents and visitors. Its preservation allows for the interpretation and understanding of the historical lifestyle, architecture, and social dynamics of the period in which it was built and the years that followed. Through tours and educational programs, the home continues to be an essential tool in the teaching of local and regional history.

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