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Looking for an Chimney Sweep that won’t rip you off?  You found us.

Some companies invent some “deadly” problem in your chimney that can only be fixed with $10,000 to $25,000 worth of work. We hate that.  

 Why do you need a chimney sweep? Your chimney could be a time bomb waiting to go off. Creosote is the culprit, and it is mean and nasty. Creosote (also known as “soot”), coats your chimney during fires.   Chimney fires happen with no notice, going off like a rocket engine turned upside down.

If we find problems with your chimney, we can refer you to someone who does that type of work. Or you can find them yourself.  Since we don’t do the repairs ourselves, you will get an honest assessment about any major chimney problems. You won’t get scare tactics to separate you from  your hard earned cash.

If you have been told you need major repairs,

Call Us For a Second Opinion

Now just because we don’t do major repairs, doesn’t mean we don’t do some basic services. We install chimney caps on brick, masonry, and Pre-fab (or insert style) chimneys.  We can replace the top of a prefab chimney if  it becomes rusty or leaks.  We can also repair or replace some types of dampers.  We also do minor repairs to the inside of your fireplace (it’s called the firebox,  what you call your fireplace….the actual area where the fire is).  Sometimes the mortar gets cracked and needs to be touched up….we can do that and other minor repairs.

What if it turns out you really do need some major repair? We can also be a good source for recommending a company you can trust. Or, you can close your eyes and point your finger in the Yellow Pages! That would just be foolish, so let us help.

Answers about your chimney from Chimney Sweep Pro:

Q:  Why should a chimney be cleaned?

A: Most people think of cleaning a chimney only if is it isn’t working properly. That can be very dangerous thinking.  The chimney can be functioning normally and still be like a volcano ready to go off with NO WARNING!

The soot and creosote that are created in a normal fire will gradually build up a coating on the inside walls of the chimney. This coating is highly flammable and if it catches fire it can burn down the entire house.

Q: How often should it be cleaned to prevent this?

A: If you use your fireplace about once a week during the cold months, then you can usually wait two years to clean your chimney. If you use your fireplace twice a week or more during the winter, then you should clean your chimney yearly. However, this is a very general statement. I’ve personally seen a chimney that was dirty after 5 fires. It’s really a matter of how safe you want to be. Chimney Sweep Pro always looks before cleaning.

Q: Will it Make a Mess in the House?

A: NO! Not one speck of soot or dust will be left in your house.

Chimney Sweep Pro stands behind this 100%.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Usually less than 1 hour. Chimney Sweep Pro has 34 years of experience, we know these things. Just hire us Chimney Sweep Pro and relax.

Q: Is it any trouble for me? Do I have to move all the furniture?

A: Absolutely not. We take care of everything. If something has to be moved, we will do it, then put it back how we found it.

There are literally thousands of chimney fires every year in America. Don’t be a victim…

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